Student Chapter :: Procedure

Society for Engineering Education Enrichment (SEEE)

How to Start a Student Chapter?

1) To start a SEEE Student Chapter Minimum of 50 student membership in an institution is needed.
2) Entrusted students should be assigned to take control as an executive member
3) Minimum of two professional membership is needed for each Student Chapter, in-order to guide them
4) Entrusted Faculty can take charge as professional head for each student chapter in each institution.
5) Without proper permission from the institution Student Chapter can't be launched ahead.
6) For each month meeting and group discussions activities need to be carried out under the control of professional executives and student executives
7) SEEE Funding/ Grant-in-aid will be provided to the individual or institution only through SEEE Student Chapter.
8) To start such a student branch
i) Min of 50 SEEE memberships
ii) Min of 2 professional memberships
iii) A Formal letter with Bonafide from institution ( including Executive student branch member,faculty incharge details and student branch member details.)
If there is an existing student chapter of Society for Engineering Education Enrichment at the applicant’s institute, the student/s is requested to be member of that for submission of proposal. The student should mention his/her membership number in the proposal.

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