Society for Engineering Education Enrichment Association(SEEE)


In this dynamic world where the rules of the game have changed. We often hear about terms such as disruptive innovation, sustainability, social responsibility, ethics etc. To keep track on such dynamism, there is an extreme need for students to hone their creative skills and have greater awareness of self and society. Under the SEEE Grant - in - Aid Scheme we sponsors academic institutions / Industries / Engineers who shows creativity on the thirst area with respective to scientific or technological progress relevance to development field of R&D.

Society for Engineering Education Enrichment, the apex body of the engineers of India, provides grant-in-aid support to its members, student members and institutional members to pursue research and development in the field of engineering and technology. In addition to the existing scheme, SEEE has explored the possibility to impart hands on experience to Engineering Graduates, Diploma holders, vocational pass outs and also to enhance their learning effectiveness in the field of technical education by using technology.

  1. The Institution should have student’s chapter for applying for grant-in-aid.
  2. Institutional Membership of SEEE by the Engineering College and Polytechnic is desired but not essential for applying for R & D Grant-in-aid. It is not binding for the applicant’s Institution to be an Institutional Member of Society for Engineering Education Enrichment.
  3. The applicant (students) need not be a Corporate Member of SEEE, but should be a student member / the membership form may be send along with the proposal.
  4. The applicants (students) will be required to submit a comprehensive and coherent Project Proposal. However, SEEE will judge the R&D proposals according to their merit and any decision taken by SEEE is final and binding.


5. The duration of the work should not exceed six (06) months for Diploma studetns and (06) months / twelve (12) months for UG/PG respectively.
6. The R&D work has to be completed within the stipulated timeframe as mentioned in the project proposal and final report has to be submitted within the scheduled completion of course of the student [normally processing of proposals takes about 3 months. So the applicant(s) should keep adequate time for completion accordingly].

SEEE is authorized to make any exception to the above.
  • The financial allocation to each project is restricted to a maximum of Rs.20,000/- based on the proposal.
  • All cheques will be drawn in favor of the SEEE student chapter-Institute Name. The sanctioned amount will be provided as two-time grant.