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Why SEEE ?

SEEE is a professional society for engineers of various disciplines. SEEE functions with and amongst the professional engineers, academicians and research workers and provides a vast array of technical, professional and supporting services to the engineers. SEEE promotes high standards of expertise and professionalism in the practice of engineering and development of inventions and improvements in the practice of engineering. SEEE is dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and engineering technology education. The purpose of SEEE is the advancement of education in all of its functions which pertain to engineering and allied branches of science and technology, including the processes of teaching and learning, counseling, research, extension activities. SEEE focuses on the support and improvement of a given profession. SEEE offers many opportunities for professional development. By simply getting involved, volunteers acquire a good network of experienced professionals. SEEE will provide a supportive environment to develop and test new skills and thus provide professional certification. SEEE signature supports early career engineers and technicians and has been designed to move you seamlessly towards professional success.

What We do ?

  • SEEE job site.
  • Career Guidance.
  • Project Guidance.
  • SEEE Scholarships.
  • Development of MoUs.
  • International branding.
  • Tie-ups with foreign universities.
  • Institution advisory board framing.
  • Intellectual Property Rights assistance.
  • Assistance for Research and Development.
  • Competitions and student chapter activities.
  • Development of Research and Development Centre.
  • Provide awards and honors for the students and institution.
  • Connecting students’ innovations with good research forum.
  • Students’ research collaboration with the leading companies.
  • Organize National/ International Conferences in the institution.
  • Organize both technical and non technical activities through chapters.
  • Establish students’ chapters for all the disciplines of study in the institution.
  • Provide funding for students’ for the development of students in particular domain.