SEEE Awards

SEEE Awards 2020

About SEEE Awards
Society for Engineering Education Enrichment is pleased to offer the 2020 National Awards program. These awards are designed to honour the individuals and institutions, making a significant contribution to the improvement of engineering education enrichment.

Goal of SEEE Awards
The purpose of the SEEE Awards program is to encourage more extensive support and recognition for enriching the engineering education in the college and universities by providing an opportunity for recognition of outstanding performance. An outcome of this program is to enhance the engineering education services for the students.

The SEEE is working on engineering to make a better world by inspiring, informing and influencing our members, engineers and technicians, and all those who are touched by, or touch, the work of engineers. SEEE is much more than a source of “letters after your name”. It can help you in your career both before and after you graduate. In addition to the tangible benefits that member’s value, membership in a professional society offers individuals the opportunity to support or be actively involved in research, communications and programs in their field.


- Self Nomination is acceptable
- Principal/ Chairman/ Board of Directors/ Registrar can nominate their own institution/ Individual.
- Only online submission is available for nomination.
- Submissions that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated.
- Proof related to the submission should be uploaded, whenever asked.
- Letter of Recommendation (LoR) is not needed for the self-nominations.
- Mentioning the most significant outcomes, publications, projects, patents, achievement, etc., will highlight you during the evaluation process.

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